Lawyers’ Service
Z.Pyt, J.Omielianczuk, Attorney-at-law and Legal Counsel , CLP

The Law firm J. Omielianczuk, Z. Pyt is a team of high class professionals who provide specialist and conscientious lawyers’ service to both individuals and businesses. The law firm ensures the readiness of providing the legal aid both in the Office located in Bialystok at 2 kard. S. Wyszyńskiego street, office 12 as well as in the residence of the customer.

The Partners of law firm have gained their work experience and skills since 2004 during their work in public administration offices and law firms.

The law firm J. Omielianczuk, Z. Pyt, CLP co-operates with foreign lawyers and tax offices. Besides, the Partners of law firm J. Omielianczuk, Z. Pyt attend conferences (national and international) and debates (with a participation of Polish leading politicians). Also the Partners of law firm J. Omielianczuk, Z. Pyt publish the legal articles.

The Partners have conducted classes with university students.

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